About Lincoln Apparel

My name is Chris Umhoefer, and I have always been fascinated by Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln has been my personal hero since I was a kid, and I know quite a bit about him. Lincoln inspires me every day and I try as much as I can to live by his morals and ideals. I have also always been very artistic and creative.

Today, I'm a young adult who lives in Mr. Lincoln's home town - Springfield, Illinois. I like to use my artistic talent to show my appreciation for Lincoln by wearing, and designing, Abraham Lincoln T-shirts. I started Lincoln Apparel out of my desire to create high quality, well-thought-out, artistic Lincoln T-shirts that not only express my love and admiration for Abraham Lincoln, but that also spread his image, thoughts, morals, ideals, and beliefs - things that are just as relevant today as they were when Lincoln was alive.

My designs are typically very large, detailed, and colorful, and each one focuses on a specific Lincoln theme. I specialize in creating designs using bright, bold colors, since Lincoln's world was just as colorful as ours is today, yet he so often shown in muted black and white or neutral tones. Some of my designs portray Lincoln in the present, some portray him at some point during his lifetime, some try to send a message that Lincoln would believe in, and some are just fun. And of course, many of them combine more than one of the above aspects. I love creating T-shirts since they offer a large canvas that can be turned into a wearable work of art that spreads Lincoln and his legacy.

Each one of my designs starts with a specific Lincoln idea or concept that I think of. Sometimes the idea for a design is "sparked" by something; other times, the idea comes out of a thought process that happens over time. Sometimes it's a combination of both. Living in Springfield, and walking the same streets that Lincoln walked, you get a lot of Lincoln inspiration. I think about how I want to portray Lincoln and what kind of message I want to convey with him. I then go to work hand-creating the conceptualized design. I spend lots of time on details and carefully choose all pictures, colors, quotes, and backdrops that will go into the design, making sure each design is perfected. I also do any historical research and photography necessary to create the design. Each design may take as many as 50 to 100 hours or more to complete!

Lincoln Apparel is an open-source shop. I use free, open source software programs such as GIMP and Inkscape running under the Linux operating system to create my designs.

Once a design is finished, I choose which color(s) and style(s) of shirts I would like to print my design on. I then have my designs screen printed. I use only high-quality, local (Springfield, Illinois) screen printers to print my designs, unless I find it absolutely necessary to use a printer based somewhere else. I like screen printing since it is durable, allows for detail, and feels professional.

This means that when you wear Lincoln Apparel you are wearing a high quality, well-thought-out, one-of-a-kind T-shirt created by somebody who loves, admires, and who is knowledgeable about, Abraham Lincoln, and who lives in the same city he lived in and walks the same streets that he walked. Enjoy it and wear it with pride!

I do other creative Lincoln related work besides just T-shirts. I also do photography, write music, and I'm even working on a Lincoln video game. You can visit my blog for more updates on my T-shirts and other Lincoln projects. Visit my Links page for links to my other sites detailing my other projects and for links to other sites about Abraham Lincoln.

I hope you enjoy my Lincoln creations!

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