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Lincolnsoft - You may or may not know me from this. I'm the person behind Lincolnsoft, and Lincolnsoft encompasses software, programs, and video games that I write, including my partially finished Lincoln video game, Abraham Lincoln Land. I apologize for Lincolnsoft not having been updated in awhile, but if you haven't checked it out yet, I would. And I will update it in the future - I'm working on ideas for a much-improved Abraham Lincoln Land.

Heart of Lincoln Land - My blog, focusing on all of my projects and on Abraham Lincoln and Springfield in general. This is updated more frequently than my other sites, so make sure to check it out for updates on Lincoln Apparel or Lincolnsoft projects and anything else that I'm doing.

Abraham Lincoln sites

(note: these are not my own sites and I am not responsible for their content)

Abraham Lincoln Online - This site is a good starting point for learning about Abraham Lincoln. The site contains the text of his most famous speeches, lists of books on Lincoln and book reviews, news and information on Lincoln and Lincoln related events and places, and more. It has a discussion board that I read regularly and sometimes post in.

Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum - This is a world class museum and research facility devoted to Abraham Lincoln located right here in Springfield, Illinois. It contains a wide array of exhibits, many of which involve lifelike scenes and high-tech special effects. I highly recommend a visit sometime.

Abraham Lincoln Association - Dedicated to the preservation of Abraham Lincoln's memory, message, and story. They sponsor a lot of Lincoln events and research activities.

The Lincoln Log - Find out what happened on today's date in Lincoln's life, or search events by a specific year, date, or place. The events are from a massive publication entitled "Lincoln Day-by-Day, A Chronology", which the Abraham Lincoln Assocation helped to produce about 50 years ago and attempts to chronicle all of the known events in Lincoln's life.

Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln - Searchable index of just about everything Lincoln wrote. Like the Lincoln Log, this project was sponsored by the Abraham Lincoln Association. I often use it to validate or track down Lincoln quotes (since a lot of people will say that Lincoln said something, but he didn't). Of course, this index won't necessarily turn up paraphrased Lincoln quotes (i.e. if Lincoln said something like that, but not in those exact words). There are a lot of dubious Lincoln quotes floating around out there.

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