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Lincoln "Immortal Words at Gettysburg" T-shirt (Classic Colors - Blue)

Abraham Lincoln "Immortal Words at Gettysburg" T-shirt (Classic Colors - Blue) Closeup
Abraham Lincoln "Immortal Words at Gettysburg" T-shirt (Classic Colors - Blue) $20.00
($3.00 extra for 2XL)

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Proudly Made in the U.S.A.
Sweatshop Free
16.5"x22" full-front screen printed design
Durable, soft, 100% cotton
Art and design work by Springfield, Illinois artist Chris Umhoefer

Seven score and nine years ago, Abraham Lincoln made a speech that would be remembered by every generation and culture, and this unique T-shirt explores this. The Gettysburg Address - which is screen printed in its entirety on this Abraham Lincoln T-shirt - is only 272 words long, and is forever remembered as an eloquent expression of the ideas of freedom, democracy, and equality.

I meticulously put each one of those 272 words in a different font. Each font evokes a different era and a different culture, representing the timeless nature of Lincoln's words at Gettysburg and the memory of those words in many different kinds of people across the world.

Those words, in 272 different fonts in red, have been combined with a picture of Lincoln, in blue, to complete this Abraham Lincoln T-shirt design. I chose to base the design off of the picture of Lincoln that I did since it was taken less than two weeks before his speech at Gettysburg.

The entire design is screen printed onto a very soft, royal blue, 100% cotton, made-in-the-USA American Apparel T-shirt. The design is an "oversize" design that fills most of the front of the shirt, so you can easily read the text and see the details in the fonts and the picture of Lincoln, and experience the design as I originally intended it to be. Since Abraham Lincoln would not approve of sweatshop labor, this T-shirt is sweatshop free. Now, you can contribute to the immortality of the address - and of the man who gave it - by wearing them both on a T-shirt. Neat, isn't it?

Adult XL size T-shirt shown. T-shirt shown is a sample, you will receive one that has never been worn. These T-shirts tend to run a little small; if you are concerned about this, order one size up.

Washing instructions: Machine wash and rinse inside out, in cold water, in the gentle cycle, with mild detergent. No bleach. Hang dry (recommended) or low/no heat in the dryer if necessary.

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