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New Lincoln Apparel site coming soon

New site coming soon

For far too long I’ve neglected updating the old Lincoln Apparel site. New designs have not been posted and inventory and prices have not been updated. This is mainly because it’s done in hand coded HTML which means it takes hours to update after a show or when I come out with a new design.

This is a new site based on WordPress that can be updated much more quickly. In addition, I’ve added a blog that will (hopefully) replace all my social media eventually. My thoughts fit much better in a few paragraphs on a blog than a social media snippet. And I hate what social media has done to society and the Web, blogs and independent websites are decentralized and what we need to take back the Internet from the massive corporations that currently control it.

Anyway, I’ll be posting about new designs, shows, and anything else Lincoln Apparel related that’s new here. The shop and photos page will be completed once I have access to my main machine again after the first weekend of festival season.