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Twin Cities Pride Fest was one of my best festivals. Here’s the remaining June festivals

This photo was taken at Twin Cities Pride Fest last weekend, which is one of my top 5 festivals of all time. Hr actually put his shirt on right away and could be seen skating around the festival in it. I released a new design there that will be posted soon.

It was a pretty huge and well attended festival. Big enough that you can get lost in it, and it was divided into color coded themed sections to make it a little more manageable. I plan to do it again next year.

It’s amazing and infuriating how I can get into a festival like this, but I couldn’t get into Logan Square Arts Fest in my own neighborhood this year (and discovered how mismanaged it is behind the scenes when it took them forever to return my fee).

Anyway here are the replacement festivals. 3 different festivals in 3 different cities across 3 days. It’s a little crazy but it’s what I could find and I hope it works, since by the time I found out I wasn’t in Logan Square Arts Fest it was too late for me to apply to alternative festivals I had in mind, like ComFest in Columbus. Shake the Lake is the Madison fireworks, which is another very well attended show (and my shirts do well at 4th of July shows – I remember when I used to sell at the Springfield fireworks. I always did well there – Madison’s show is much larger.)

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I love the Twin Cities! Next festival is in Madison

I’m so glad I discovered the Twin Cities! Shows there are so much more affordable and laid back than they are here in Chicago. It’s been worth the trip every time and I had another set of awesome shows there last weekend. I also scored a decent new printer there that has MUCH lower minimums than guys I’ve been using here in Chicago; this should increase the number of new designs this summer dramatically. I have so many more designs and design ideas than what has actually been printed!

Here’s someone from St. Paul who wore a shirt at Art in the Hollow that he bought from me last year at a festival there. He really loves to wear it and was impressed with how durable the prints on my shirts are!

I didn’t realize it until this week, but I am in the second biggest festival in Minnesota! Twin Cities Pride in a couple weeks may dwarf any festival I have done so far. A new design will be released there.

My next festival is only a couple miles from the neighborhood I grew up in. The festival is the Waterfront Festival in Madison, Wisconsin. It’s at Yahara Place Park right on Lake Monona and runs from 11-8 Saturday and Sunday. I’ll keep spreading Lincoln’s message no matter where I am – after all, it applies to every place equally.

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June 2019 festival schedule released (mostly). A very “Minnesconsin” month?

I’ve updated the festivals and shows page with the festivals I’ve been confirmed for in June.

I ran into some frustrating snags scheduling the festivals this month that may result in me having no “home” (Chicago) festivals. First, I couldn’t afford the Do Division fee back in April, which resulted in me booking a festival in each of the Twin Cities instead. Second, I am currently waitlisted for Logan Square Arts Fest. Both of these festivals have been very beneficial for me in past years, and I know people look for me there, so it’s distressing not to be at them.

However, perhaps I’ll do equally as well in Minneapolis and Madison. It’s important to remember my shirts are about everywhere equally; they aren’t about and don’t belong to a specific place. Madison and especially Minneapolis have worked very well for me in the past, and I’m glad I got into Twin Cities Pride Festival (which looks HUGE.) I’m cautiously optimistic I’ll make it into Logan Square Arts Fest for my fans here in Chicago but no guarantees right now. I’m currently looking at alternative festivals in case I don’t get into that one.

Photo is from Spread the Word in Denver, the furthest from Chicago I’ve done a successful show.